New Capabilities at MRI Trinidad

September 22, 2011
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MRI of Trinidad and Tobago is now able to scan faster, with more detail, clarity and MRI imaging options. The end result is vastly superior MRI scans in a shorter period of time, giving doctors more information, to accurately diagnose and treat their patients. This new technology in the hands of our highly qualified team, has certainly allowed us to take MRI imaging to a new level in Trinidad & Tobago.

Key technical advancements

  • Parallel Imagin with Matrix Coils
  • Whoel Body Imaging
  • Latest Imaging software
    • Neuro MRI Suite
    • Angio Suite
    • Cardiac Suite
    • Onco Suite
    • Ortho Suite
    • Paediatric Suite

We are also pleased to announce several brand-new advanced MRI imaging techniques, including the following:

  • BLADE MRI Imaging Suite
  • Clinical MRI Spectroscopy
  • GRAPPA MRI Imaging Sequence
  • SPACE MRI Technique