Equipment Upgrade: new Siemens TIM Symphony MRI

March 22, 2011
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With the upgrade, MRI of Trinidad and Tobago is now able to scan faster, with more detail, clarity and MRI imaging options. The end result is vastly superior MRI scans in a shorter period of time, giving doctors more information, to accurately diagnose and treat their patients.

MRI of Trinidad and Tobago is the most established MRI centre in Port-of-Spain, with a long track record for excellence in MRI imaging.  Our centre has on its staff, the country’s most experienced and qualified MRI Technologists, MRI Radiologists and MRI Physicists.  These new tools, in the hands of our highly qualified team, mean that we will be able to take MRI imaging to a new level in Trinidad and Tobago.

Among the key technical advancements are the following:

Parallel Imaging with Matrix Coils: The entire MRI signal capture chain, has been revolutionized with the most advanced hardware, allowing for parallel signal capture from a matrix of multiple MRI detectors, greatly reducing both image noise and scan time, resulting in superior image quality.

Whole Body Imaging: The new MRI system can for the first time, perform high quality seamless whole Body MRI scans, or scans of large sections of the anatomy, with a imaging range of 200 cm.