Equipment Upgrade: new Siemens TIM Symphony MRI

March 22, 2011
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TIM Applications

The Latest Imaging Software offering a full spectrum of  MRI Application Packages, enabling the most comprehensive MRI imaging, head-to-toe.  These application packages include the following

  • Neuro MRI Suite – Comprehensive head and spine examinations, can be performed with dedicated programs, that are optimized for clinical examinations of the neurological anatomy.  The programs include sub millimetre high resolution 3D MRI imaging, dedicated inner-ear exams, dynamic sacro-illiac joint  and TMJ imaging, diffusion imaging, as well as perfusion imaging protocols, among several other advancements.
  • Angio Suite – Greatly improved Magnetic Resonance Angiography techniques, that allow for superior MR imaging of the blood vessels, with or without contrast agent.
  • Cardiac Suite – The most modern MRI techniques for the non-invasive visualization of the heart, and the associated large blood vessels.  MRI of Trinidad and Tobago has the most advanced program locally, for providing MRI heart imaging.  The new techniques allow for the most accurate assessment of the heart morphology and function, as well as providing a unique means of characterizing the heart tissue itself, that provides Cardiologists with valuable insight in diagnosing and treating various types of heart conditions.  The upgrade is significant advancement in MRI heart imaging locally.
  • Onco Suite – These series of MRI protocols further enhance MRI’s unique ability to precisely visualize, characterize and stage tumours, to aid doctors in diagnosing and successfully treating, the dreaded disease of cancer.  New tools include the ability to more precisely look at the dynamic uptake of contrast agents by a suspected tumour, to help better evaluate and characterize the lesion.