Equipment Upgrade: new Siemens TIM Symphony MRI

March 22, 2011
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TIM Applications


 TIM paediatric suite

TIM paediatric suite

  • Ortho Suite – The most comprehensive collection of MRI protocols for joint and musculo-skeletal imaging.   Unsurpassed high resolution 3D MRI imaging of the joints, with multiple new MRI contrast options, allows for the most precise evaluation of the ligaments, tendons, muscles and cartilage, in a manner not possible before.  This allows the Radiologists who look at the images, to be even more accurate in the diagnosis of joint injuries, thereby avoiding unnecessary surgical treatments, and helping improve the planning and success of surgeries, when they are required.
  • Paediatric Suite – A new series of MRI protocols that are geared towards MRI imaging of children and infants.  The protocols are optimized to take into account the developmental differences in the organs of younger patients.  They also allow for much faster imaging techniques for patients, not able to cooperate at the time of the MRI scan.