Equipment Upgrade: new Siemens TIM Symphony MRI

March 22, 2011
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New Advanced Imaging Techniques

We are also pleased to announce, several Brand New Advanced MRI Imaging Techniques, including the following:

  • BLADE MRI imaging Sequence – The most advanced motion correction technique offered by Siemens.  This MRI technique allows for greatly improved images, in patients that may move during the MRI scan.  This results in a significantly better MRI examination, with less repeat MRIs, especially in patients whose medical condition, does not allow them to keep perfectly still.
  • Clinical MRI Spectroscopy – MRI of Trinidad and Tobago will be the only MRI centre in Trinidad and Tobago, that will perform the revolutionary technique of MRI Spectroscopy.  This technique has become invaluable in the MRI evaluation of brain abnormalities, breast tumours and prostate cancer, among other applications.  Simply put, MRI spectroscopy is a non-invasive way of quantitatively analyzing the bio-chemical composition, of a precisely selected area of tissue.  In this, the doctor can look at the concentration of certain chemicals anywhere in the body, to give invaluable information on the physiological health of that tissue.   In the brain, this is utilized for instance, to not only diagnose and precisely locate very small tumours in the brain, but also to look at how effectively the tumour responds to subsequent treatment.
  • GRAPPA MRI imaging Sequence – An MRI imaging sequence, unique to Siemens, that allows for a reduction in scan time by a factor of four.
  • SPACE MRI Technique – Advanced 3D MRI imaging technique with contrast, not previously possible.